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Different in the ordinary | 2015

The moment you cross the open boarder between The Netherlands and Germany you immediately notice is, it's different. Not the obvious like the color of the license plate or the language related utterances. It's often the small things, different in the ordinary. 

The serie 'Different in the ordinary' - Anders in het alledaagse - was exposed for several years in the EUregio-house in Mönchengladbach (G), an organization which is aimed at improving cooperation across the border. Understanding each other is key. 

15 differences are depicted: the first photo is at the Dutch side and the other the corresponding at the German side of the border. The differences in displayed order: 1. authority by law and by person 2. way of building 3. innercity at holidays 4. priority in traffic 5. place of cigarette vending machines 6. way of biking 7. signing in traffic 8. windmills 9. commemorate in public 10. warning at railroad crossing 11. soccer pitch for amateurs  12. waiting to build or to sell 13. back roads  14. park or nature  15. open and closed homelife.

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